Transformation in iPhones after iOS 14

The iPhone Home screen hasn’t changed since Steve Jobs originally demonstrated and launched it off in 2007. Come fall 2020, iOS 14 will radically shake things up with a couple of highlights that will be recognizable to any individual who had and used an Android mobile over the most recent couple of years.

Apple on Thursday 16 September 2020 launched brand new iOS 14, this new OS version that is only launched for iPhone. IOS 14 has a ton of new highlights, including different widgets that will change how your home screen works, and an entirely different approach to figure out a few pages of Different installed applications. This update will be available on iPhone as old as 2016’s iPhone SE and 2015’s iPhone 6s Plus.

Home Screen Development

For two or three years at this point, we’ve heard that Apple continued putting off a major home screen upgrade for iOS as it struggled with improving its whole development process to lessen the number of bugs that come with its huge yearly releases of different iOS versions such as iOS 12 or iOS 13.

After those deferrals, iOS 14 at long last carries that home screen redesign to realization. Apple has presented home screen widgets in a variety of sizes, given clients better approaches to deal with their applications, and presented a non-home screen spot to put introduced applications. If your first response to those highlights and new features are a lot similar to Android, then you are not fully wrong. Of course, Apple has introduced them in its own particular way/manner. Continue to read to get more information about this topic.


In iOS 14, gadgets would now be able to live on the Home screen close by your application icons. These gadgets arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes and utilize the current Home screen matrix design as a guide. The greater a gadget, the more data can be shown. These gadgets can be organized and moved around your Home screen similarly that application icons do in iOS 13. You can have an entire Home screen brimming with gadgets if you need it.

To spare space, you can stack a few gadgets on the head of one another and look between them with an element Apple is calling Widget Stacks. You can likewise put more than one of similar gadgets on a single Home screen, which sounds helpful for showing various schedules or in boxes on the double.


Siri is getting visual upgrades. Presently, Siri shows up at the lower part of the screen instead of controlling over your entire iPhone screen. Also, results in your inquiries will show up at the head of the screen. Along these lines, if you ask Siri about the weather, you’ll see a little warning drop down from the head of your iPhone that shows the weather gauge and temperature for where you are.

Siri will likewise uphold sound messages, so you can disclose to Siri you need to start recording and afterward send that recording off to somebody. Dictation will be delivered on the phone, rather than shipped off the cloud.


This iOS 14 version comes with a lot more fun and exciting as well as brand new features such as Apple Translate. It’s very helpful and is also handy. This version has already been launched so you can update your iPhone today to the iOS 14 version. iOS 14 version has truly transformed apple iPhones this year.

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