Top 5 Places To Visit in Delhi

Top 5 Places To Visit in Delhi

It takes a lot of endeavors to choose the correct tourist location/destination that would give you all that you expect from an ideal vacation. When you are done with the task of finding a suitable destination, there comes the most difficult task of finding the best tourist places to visit for your trip. This task consumes a lot of time but we are here for all of you hodophiles.

As we all know Delhi, the Capital of India has a rich history. The city is full of entrancing mosques and different historic forts. This place has one of the best monuments left over from the Mughal rulers that once ruled the whole city.

If you are planning your trip to go to Delhi then you should continue reading the blog as in this blog, we will tell you the top 5 places to visit in Delhi.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Most of the people also knows the Akshardham Temple as Swaminarayan Akshardham which is one of the biggest Hindu sanctuaries in the world. It is located on National Highway 24, Near Noida Mor, New Delhi. A generally new fascination, this gigantic sanctuary complex was built by the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha profound association and opened in 2005. It’s dedicated to exhibiting Indian culture.

If you plan to visit Akshardham sanctuary, at that point remember to visit the Sahaj Anand Water Show. The best fascination of this temple is the theme-based nursery/garden which is an energizing and most exciting spot which attracts most of the tourist. And it’s also allowed to visit.

Humayun’s Tomb

The Humayun’s Tomb is located in Nizamuddin East, New Delhi. Close to the Nizamuddin train station, off Mathura Road. It was inspired by the Taj Mahal’s creation. The tomb was constructed in the year 1570 and houses the body of the second Mughal ruler, Humayun. It was the first of this sort of Mughal design to be constructed in India.

The tomb is set among delightful gardens. Built-in the year 1570, Humayun’s Tomb is a landmark worked by Queen Haji Begum, the widow of Humayun. The landmark shows different historic Persian designs. It is open for tourists throughout the days for visits. The best opportunity to see Humayun’s Tomb would be in the late evening.

Red Fort

Delhi’s most well-known landmark, the Red Fort, stands not just as an incredible remainder of the Mughal time in India. Opposite to Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi this monument is situated. It was constructed by fifth Mughal sovereign Shah Jahan when he chose to move his capital there from Agra in 1638. To give you the nostalgia of the ancient time, a one-hour sound and light demonstration of the fort’s exciting set of experiences and history is held each night.

Gandhi Smriti and Raj Ghat

A visit to Gandhi Smriti will show you the specific spot where Mahatma Gandhi, lovingly called as the Father of the Nation, was assassinated on January 30, 1948. This historic place is situated in 5 Tees January Marg, focal New Delhi. The room in which he used to sleep is kept precisely as how he left it, and the supplication ground where he held a mass gathering each night is both open to the general public or tourists. A lot of photographs, models, compositions, and engravings are likewise in plain view. You can likewise visit Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial at Raj Ghat.

Lotus Temple

The Bahai Temple is normally called the Lotus Temple, as it’s formed like a lotus blossom. This beautiful temple is built in Near Nehru Place, South Delhi. In the evening team this temple lits up and looks like heaven on the earth. Made out of cement canvassed in white marble, the sanctuary has a place with the Bahai Faith, which broadcasts the solidarity, everything being equal, and religions. Everyone is welcome there.


Delhi is a lovely place to visit as a tourist and the special places and monuments mentioned in this blog are worth it. All of these places show the rich heritage and culture of India. There are many more great monuments and places to visit in Delhi. So, if you are a tourist planning a trip to Delhi then you should consider going to these places. And most importantly don’t forget to Enjoy.

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