How Among Us Took Over the World with a Storm? (Kinda Sus)

One of the most famous video games of this decade globally once had nearly no gamers when it was recently launched in 2018. Among Us, a party game that was released in June 2018, has now been downloaded more than one hundred million times this year only, according to its US-primarily based developer, InnerSloth. Over 60 million customers play this video game every day. The game peaked at thirty-eight million concurrent gamers at one point this month.

When it was released on Google Play Store and App Store, it only had approximately 30 people who downloaded the game at that time who played it. The game was not popular when it was initially released. It was an independently developed game that was destined to vanish into obscurity, like many other small games developed by different independent companies or individuals. But it got some attention after some famous streamer on YouTube started to stream on their channels.

But due to numerous factors—which includes the convenience of getting to know it on the COVID-19 pandemic forced the quarantined public to discover new approaches to engage with their friends—the game Among Us has taken off and now is the most popular game of 2020.

How Do We Play This Amazing Game?

This game of the new generation is based on a game that was released in the 19th century known as Mafia. The gameplay of these two games is different but the concept is similar. In this game, there are two different roles. Crewmates- The work of the crewmates is to carry out maintenance duties on a spaceship, and Impostors- Impostors are responsible for quietly killing crewmates and sabotaging the ship’s systems. As the bodies of killed crewmates are discovered by the other crewmates, the gamers convene to talk about the killings and vote on the ones deemed responsible according to them.

Crewmates win through completing all their duties or efficaciously voting out the suspected impostors; impostors win with the aid of using killing enough crewmates so that the quantity of impostors is the same as the number of crewmates (or with the aid of using sabotaging the ship’s structures so badly the crewmates can now not whole their duties).


This game has become the most popular game during this whole period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every Youtuber and Twitch streamer is streaming this game on their channels. Initially, the game developers said that there will be an Among Us 2 game but later they declared that they will not bring Among Us 2. But even though the sequel has been canceled, nonetheless you will still be able to play the game. The developers have said that every feature we decided to put in the Version 2 of Among Us will now be added in the Version 1 of Among Us game through updates in the upcoming future. 

The developer additionally spelled out different enhancements gamers can look ahead to, including promised fixes for server issues, color-blind support, a friendly system, and an entire new stage. You can download the game through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This game is also available on Steam for laptops or PC for only Rupees 199. So you can enjoy this lovely game on any of these platforms.

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